Boogie Watson Is The Key To ‘Cats Defense


As I wrote yesterday for Everything Kentucky Football, the emergence of Boogie Watson is going to be an important piece to Kentucky’s season in 2018. Multiple sources have said he’s a more well-rounded player than Denzil Ware, who he’s replacing. Ware had great pass-rushing numbers, but was caught out of position on run plays more often than not.

The word that is associated with Boogie is “consistency”. He’s referred to as a Swiss Army knife at the LB position, having played inside and outside since his arrival at UK. If he shows a tendency to keep gap integrity at the SAM linebacker spot (where Josh Allen played last year), it’ll allow Allen to slide over to the JACK spot. JACK is the OLB position which Ware played last season, but Allen is built perfectly for that role with his ability as a stud pass rusher.

Boogie is an easy candidate for breakout player of the year. He’s come up big in limited snaps during his time in Lexington. The most notable play he had was the goal line stop against South Carolina.

49 days til Kickoff.


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