Updates On PJ, Wenyen and Jarred (2 Days Left Edition)

KSI has heard a new scoop of info in regards to Jarred Vanderbilt, Wenyen Gabriel and PJ Washington. Some good, some bad. TJ Walker’s post on KSR backs up what KSI has heard, and hopefully our sources are both correct. The only difference between his post and ours is in regards to Jarred Vanderbilt

To sum it up and keep it short and sweet (you guys know all of the details surrounding the decisions based on our former updates), Jarred Vanderbilt is 100% coming back. In regards to PJ Washington and Wenyen Gabriel, things have changed. Because of issues with a lack of playing time, Wenyen will be doing the opposite of whatever PJ’s decision is. If PJ comes back, Wenyen leaves. If PJ leaves, Wenyen comes back.

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