Wenyen Gabriel Update

Photo Courtesy of The Sacramento Kings

After Wenyen Gabriel wasn’t invited to the NBA Draft Combine, it was safe to assume that he’d be back in school, right? One would think so. However, BBN has been out in full force on message boards and Twitter talking about how Wenyen’s family was in dire need of money. This lead into the thought of him being content to play overseas just to get to the money faster. However, these rumors cannot be confirmed as anything other than message board gossip. Wenyen has had multiple family members graduate college and Wenyen is one semester away from graduating himself.

The kicker is, Wenyen has always wanted to be a pro. However, according to the scouts and management of the teams he has worked out for, it’s clear that Gabriel should return to school. There’s been a consensus that his game isn’t ready for the league yet. Multiple scouts told Wenyen straight up “Go back to school and work on your game”.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. He has a lot more of his game to develop. The problem, however, is the apparent culture with kids around the Kentucky Basketball program that you’re “a failure” if you’re an upperclassman. Maybe (hopefully) with a former 5 star returning for his junior season Gabriel, that would help change the culture. As John Calipari says, “Not every player is on the same time table”.

Wenyen, Jarred and PJ have a week to make their final draft decisions.

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