Catching Up With UK’s #1 RB Option For 2019, Aidan Robbins


KSI caught up with Manual RB Aidan Robbins over the weekend. It’s become known in the last week or so that UK’s coaching staff is turning the heat up on the in-state prospect, even putting him at number 1 on their big board of running back prospects. Some schools have recruited Robbins as a linebacker while others have recruited him as a running back. Kentucky coaches prefer him at running back because of his stout frame to go along with his speed and catching ability out of the backfield.

Q: It’s become know that you’ve been considered UK’s first option at running back, what was your reaction when the coaches told you that?

A: I was very content to hear that, especially from a prestigious program like Kentucky and getting to play running back in the SEC. And also, being from Kentucky.

Q: Does them making you their number one option at running back help Kentucky’s chances in the long run?

A: Yes  Yes indeed.

Q: Was your preference to play running back or linebacker in college?

A: I’d say I’ve always preferred to play running back.

Q: Do you have any friends in the Louisville area that you’d like to play with in college?

A: Yessir. JJ Weaver, Shawnkel Knight-Goff, Milton Wright, Wandale Robinson. All those guys are my friends. There’s a lot more, but way too many to name. But those guys are definitely the main ones.

Q: Is Vince Marrow your lead recruiter now?

A: Yessir.

Q: What’s your opinion of Marrow?

A: He’s a great guy. Like Shawnkel said, he’s like a father figure other than my real father, you know. My father away from home. He’s recruiting me really hard and he’s been real with me through the whole process. Yessir, only good things for Vince.

Q: What sticks out most about UK from other schools?

A: Definitely the conference and the campus. The amount of school spirit they have and the fans. The networking and connections they have nationwide. The Big Blue Nation is really huge. That’s something I’ve known about all my life but I didn’t know the inside track of it all until now when I’m actually being recruited by them.

Q: What do you feel are your best attributes at running back?

A: My size, definitely. My speed. A lot of people mistake that for my my size, but I’m fast. You know, when Rivals drops my camp video, you’ll really be able to see my running skills. I can really catch the ball. I can do it all…run, catch, I’m downhill and I fight for extra yards. I’m different from your average back.

Q: Anything you feel like you need to work on at running back?

A: Everything, you know. Bigger, faster, stronger. That’s the name of the game. Footwork is key.

Q: Have you visited Kentucky recently? When is your official visit?

A: My official visit is June 22nd-24th. I was just up at Kentucky 2 to 3 weeks ago. I’ll be up there this weekend for my track meet as well.

Q: Do you have any leaders in your recruitment?

A: No sir, I’m just now dropping a list of my top schools.

Q: When do you plan to commit to a school?

A: I definitely want to be committed by the start of my season.


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