Monday Basketball Updates (PJ, Jarred & Wenyen)

Oh boy, do things change fast in the basketball world.


Nothing new on the Jarred Vanderbilt front, but KSI has learned that PJ Washington is leaning closer to staying in the draft as the days pass. “I think if any team in the 2nd round gives him a guarantee, he’ll be gone.” Sources say. PJ’s father said a few days ago that his son doesn’t have to have a 1st round guarantee to go. PJ is the most likely of the 3 to keep his name in the draft. PJ has also always envisioned himself as a pro prospect.


Now on to Wenyen Gabriel. The same source on Vanderbilt told KSI that “he’s 90% sure Gabriel will be back in 2018-2019”. Wenyen wasn’t invited to this summer’s NBA combine. Just the opposite of PJ, it’s looking more and more each day like Wenyen will be back in the blue and white next season. Wenyen’s return would mean Kentucky would have a contributing upperclassman return for the first time in a couple of seasons. His role as a stretch 4 and hustle guy could be huge with another young team coming in next season.


It was said at the beginning of this post, but there’s not very many new developments surfacing with Jarred Vanderbilt. Teams are intrigued by him as a second round pick, but his proneness to injury and ability to score outside of 3 feet are alarming to GM’s. Chances are he’ll likely be back.

All photos are courtesy of Kentucky Men’s Basketball.

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