Maurice Douglass, former UK DB and father of Moses Douglass


KSI caught up with Maurice Douglass, father of 4 star Kentucky commit Moses Douglass and coach of Springfield Highschool in Ohio. Maurice himself played DB for the Wildcats back in the 80’s, prior to getting drafted by the Chicago Bears.

When Maurice was asked which position he thought Moses would be best at, because Moses said he can play both safety positions, corner and nickel, Maurice said he would be best suited to play safety. Maurice also played Safety during his time with the Bears. Moses claims that he can lay the wood on his opponents, but when asked who was the harder hitter, Poppa Douglass was quick to let people know “I was the the harder hitter and it wasn’t even close…I’d knock him out.”

If you take a quick glance at Moses’ Twitter, you’ll see that the kid is always “in the lab”, either working on his skills or his strength training. Maurice said he’s trying to get his son “to be even more explosive”. He goes on to say that Moses will be SEC ready physically as a freshman. “He’ll come in weighing around 200, benching around 325 and hang cleaning around 305-315.” It’s also worth noting that Maurice says “Moses plans to come in and compete as a true freshman and not have to redshirt. He’ll also be an early enrollee.”

Coach Douglass was very impressed with Kentucky. “They’ve made upgrades to their facilities. They also have a coaching staff that wants to be there and doesn’t see Kentucky as a stepping stone job. Coach Stoops has proven over time that he has the ability to get defensive backs to the next level and next year they’ll have 5 DB’s with a possible chance to get drafted.”

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Maurice said early playing time had a little bit of a factor in his son choosing Kentucky, but not as much as you would think. “I think if he would’ve went to Wisconsin, he’d also have the opportunity to get on the field fast. He’ll come in ready to compete and be physically ready, and if he can process the information as far as the learning part of it, it should be an easy transition. It will be difficult initially because of the terminology aspect.” Being an early enrollee should help Moses tremendously in this aspect.

With many recruits spurning Kentucky in recent years with decommitments, Maurice was asked if Moses would always stay 100% committed. “I’ve always talked to him about being loyal. Loyalty is a huge thing with our family and his commitment is his commitment.  He’s BBN all the way through.” He said that Kentucky being his personal alma mater didn’t play a factor in Moses choosing the Wildcats. “I’m not gonna lie, I really liked Wisconsin. I’ve got a good rapport with the coaches there and I liked how they develop their players. They’ve recruited a lot of players that I’ve coached.” Ohio State usually gets players of Moses’ caliber, but Maurice sees things differently. “They want you to come in and camp and do all of those things. My thing is, go to the Big Ten West and compete against those guys and show them what you can do in the championship game.”

Douglass said he didn’t have a huge relationship with Coach Stoops until he started recruiting Moses. “He came up and talked a few times, especially when he was recruiting Kordell Looney.” He said that he sees Kordell making a big improvement this season. Along with Kordell, “Mike Edwards, Darius West and Jordan Jones are going to have big years as well.”

However, he’s most excited to see how Lynn Bowden does. “Lynn is going to have a huge impact this year. I know he had a chance to get up to speed with it last year, but I think he’s going to have an outstanding year for them offensively.” Maurice said that he coached against Gunnar his senior year of highschool and that he’s seen big improvements from him since then. “I also like the Wilson kid, I like what he brings to the table as a dual-threat. I also liked Stephen Johnson and the job he did leading the team. I think he did a great job, but we need the next guy to take it to the next level.”

He expects that Kentucky’s DB’s won’t have as many brain-lapses this year. Citing the Florida game and the corners’ epic breakdowns during the game, Douglass says “This is the SEC, baby, we ain’t doing that this year! Especially when you’re trying to get money!” (Referring to next year’s NFL Draft) He also believes UK has a chance to win 8-9 games this season and compete well in the SEC East, depending on QB play.

Coach Douglass also expects another one of his Springfield players to join his son in Big Blue Country.

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