Q&A with 4 star Moses Douglass


Moses Douglass is a one of a kind kid. The Springfield, Ohio native is a stud on the football field and in the weight room, but he’s humble and reserved. No cockiness whatsoever off the field. The 4 star safety is ranked as the number 17 safety in the country and the number 7 player in Ohio according to Rivals. Here’s a few things to know about the future Wildcat who is sure to be a fan favorite:

Q: What convinced you that Kentucky was the school for you?

A: It was the right place for me and my family

Q: What were your favorite things about your visits to Lexington?

A: The fans and coaches

Q: Which schools would you say finished 2nd and 3rd?

A: I’d say Minnesota and Michigan State

Q: Are you friends with anyone on the current Kentucky roster?

A: I’m cool with Mike Edwards, Lynn Bowden and Kordell Looney

Q: Which players are you recruiting to join you at UK?

A: Marvin Grant, Jalen Geiger, Isaiah Gibson, Mike Brown-Stephens and Justin Harris

Q: What’s your favorite landing spot on fortnite?

A: I’d say my favorite landing spot is Pleasant Park. Good loot whenever I go there

Q: If you couldn’t play in the NFL, what would your dream job be?

A: A sports analyst

Q: What do Wildcats fans have to look forward to in you as a player? What are your best qualities in your eyes?

A: They’ll have to look forward to a big db that can guard a slot or outside receiver 1 on 1 and will lay the wood when necessary. My mind is my best quality.

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