KyKy Tandy needs an offer NOW

Hopkinsville (University Heights) junior guard KyKy Tandy needs to be at Kentucky for reasons other than his first name. The 2019 combo guard is climbing the rankings. He’s ranked 83rd on Rivals at the moment, but there’s been talk that he will easily be a top 50 player. Tandy lit it up at the UUA tournament  this weekend and followed it up by saying that Tennessee, Iowa State, Kansas State, Oklahoma and Cincinnati are recruiting him the hardest.

Tandy is a talent that the bluegrass state doesn’t see often. He’s a Kentucky kid that could come in and have an impact as a freshman, while most wait until they’re upperclassmen to contribute.

Coach Cal, do your thing. And BBN, enjoy these highlights from Tandy’s weekend in Dallas.

One thought on “KyKy Tandy needs an offer NOW

  • I think that coach Cal need to offer this kid before Tennessee gets him and makes us pay for not getting him when we had the opportunity to and I think he would be a great fit for the WILDCATS!! Come on Cal!! #OFFER #HIM!!

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